23L Sun® Table Top Steam Sterilizer Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD

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Sun® 23L Large Display Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD


Sterilizer 23L class B with the larger LCD screen, dual-lock the door, the vacuum generator jet-type, we can ensure the effectiveness and safety of sterilization. Comes with 3 sterilization trays, 1 tray handle, the operation will be easier.


1.23-II-D SUN23 autoclave, taking the new B-Class International prEN13060, has 3 pulsating vacuums, vacuum up to 0.9 Bar (-0,09Mpa), the humitité has less than 0, 2%.
2. Agree to sterilize instruments packaged désemballés solid, hollow, porous ...
3. Check with the advanced 16-bit microprocessor, easy to operate.
4. With the BD test and vacuum test procedure, it is of the penetration test.
5. The material of the autoclave stainless steel (# 304, thickness: 2.5 mm), and the jet-type vacuum generator ensures the effectiveness of sterilization.
6.The alarm system 6 of the tank prevents the waste water entering the waste water circulation of sterilization.
7. The larger LCD display and advanced self-test system, make sure you can get the exact coordinates of the sterilizer.
8. The door double-lock provides security operation.
9. Integrated printer for recording information of sterilization.



23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD


Packing list:

1. Main Unit x 1
2 .Sterilization Tray x3
3. Downpipe drainage x 1
4.Tray Handle x1
5. Fuse x 2
6. Measuring cup x 1
7. User manual x 1
8. Other accessories


23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD


23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD


23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD


23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD


23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD


23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD


23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD

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