Requirements of the qualified portable dental unit

Oyodental's Portable Dental Unit is the perfect portable dental solution to mobile operatories in need of mobile dental suction. Powered by a rechargeable battery pack wall outlet, or a 12 vdc vehicle source, this portable dental suction unit features adjustable 80-550 mmHg vacuum range and an 800cc waste canister with float shut-off. The dental portable unit for sale packs into its included carrying case when it is no longer needed.

  •      High Performance - The Portable Suction Unit completes the portable suction line with high performance capabilities in a small compact package. Vacuum adjustments allow for 80-550 mm Hg and a free flow of 27 liters/minute. 
  •      Easy-to-Read Gauge - The unit has conveniently placed gauge for easy reading. This is especially important when precise measurements of vacuum are needed for the pediatric patient.
  •      Adjustable Flow Regulator - Easy-to-turn knob conveniently placed directly below gauge, for easy use and control. Knob has safety lock feature which will not allow the knob to be twisted off.
  •      Compact Design - All of the high-performance capabilities are conveniently placed in a small compact package weighing less than 6.3 lbs. The compact design with the high-performance capabilities makes this portable dental suction unit the smallest and strongest portable suction unit of its kind.
  •      Exacting Standards - This unit meets the RTCA/DO160D Aircraft Standard as well as the ISO-10079 Suction Standard.
  •      Increased Battery Capabilities - Powered via rechargeable battery pack, wall outlet or 12 VDC vehicle source (included). The Unit has increased battery capabilities for use up to one hour. This provides the patient with added security when it is needed most.
  •      Competitively Priced
  •      Includes padded carrying case
  •      800 cc waste canister with float shut-off

Today’s dental assistants do their utmost to ensure that operations in the dental office run smoothly. Making sure that equipment functions at its best is an important part of that role. By properly maintaining dental equipment, you’ll avoid any unexpected breakdowns and keep equipment working optimally for as long as possible. The tasks involved in dental equipment maintenance aren’t time consuming when performed regularly, and they’ll become an easy part of your day-to-day routine once you start your career. While not all dental offices use exactly the same equipment, you may find some of these practical tips useful once you break into the industry.