Wall Mounted Dental X-ray Unit JYF-10A

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Wall Mounted Dental X-ray Unit JYF-10A

HF with international technology, the automatic protection measures, skillful and stable structure, and the design brief, this machine JYF-10A is a new generation of high-frequency X-ray unit.


1. System intraoral radiography: 60KV high frequency, the exposure time is 0.02 to 4 seconds.
2. With a high frequency technology, the unit ensures consistent exposure settings and emission of radiation of high quality.
3. Model with wall arm that allows the flowing and balanced movements.
4. The safety of your patients is ensured through the HF international technology which can significantly reduce the doses of X-rays, radiation leak is less than 0.025 mGy / h.
5. The X-ray tube is 60KV, 8mA, 42kHz, and the high frequency X-ray unit is not affected by the power supply, and it does not produce rayonsoft or discrete radius, so Dommange for patients and doctors is very small due to automatic measures of protection.
6. And with its efficiency, diagnosis dentists is more convenient and faster.
7. 0434 CE certificate and ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003.


Technical Specifications

1. Supply voltage: 220 VAC, 50Hz
2. X-ray tube: 60KV, 8mA
3. Frequency: 42kHz
4. Exposure time: 0,02 to 4 seconds
5. Household size: 0.8 mm
6. Radiation leakage: Less than 0.025 mGy / h
7. Weight: 45 kg
8. Dimension: 110 * 41 * 45cm


Packing List

1. Main unit x 1
2. Support x 1
3. Manual x 1



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