Why Choose the Portable Dental Units

The dental units generally need connecting to electrical, as well as drainage and plumbing systems.Transportation to the dental office is cited by many of the elderly as a barrier to dental treatment.

Mobile (bus dental unite) or portable services eliminate the transportation barrier by bringing the service to the client. The portable dental chair will provide greater assistance to disabled clients living in those out of reach places. They make it possible for the elderly to receive the care they deserve. The mobile and portable dental services will also enable care for the elderly in their homes or care facilities. The demand for dental care will continue to increase.

The elderly population is rapidly growing in the world. It is estimated that 3.5 million US elderly people will be living in long-term care facilities by year 2030.In some situations, transport infrastructure may also restrict access to care. There are some areas in Iran that are inaccessible when roads are not passable, such as the mountainous villages in and around Fereydoon-shahr.

In response to these limitations, a prototype portable dental chair/unit was designed by Isfahan dental school. The basic system includes an operator light source, an examination kit, a portable head rest, and a first aid kit for dental purpose.These portable dental units used have a rotary instrument and an operator light fixture that is packed in two cases.

More complex portable units include a vacuum canister, ultrasonic scaler, radiographic equipment along with compressors for air-water syringes and high- and low-speed handpieces. This equipment is stored and transported in durable boxes and cases.

The rationale for these chairs is to allow provision of simple filling and basic preventative treatments such as fluoride therapy and fissure sealants, but they remain largely unevaluated. Therefore, the aim of this study was to explore dentists’ perceptions of the use of portable dental units in community outreach programs.

This section details a variable theme in the ease of use of portable units divided into positive and negative features.

Among the negative features, some dental operators' expressed the view that there were limitations with the chairs. It was hard to adjust the chair for some positions, especially for the upper teeth, there were only three positions. It is not like a normal unit that can be adjusted in different positions.

Americans take their dental hygiene very seriously. So much so that 74% of adults think that an unattractive smile can hurt the success of their career. To maintain these beautiful smiles, you must make sure that you are investing in quality equipment that will last. Do your research, find portable dental equipment from reputable manufacturers, and ask for help from experienced peers.