Dental Autoclave Sterilizer

We offer high quality CE and FDA approved table top autoclaves (dental autoclave) widely used in medical ,dentist and also used in microbiology to sterilize liquids and media and is therefore found in the school biology laboratory.Dental Autoclave Sterilizer works by using a combination of high temperature steam and pressure as part of a sterilization process with the aim of the complete destruction and/or removal of all micro-organisms including spores.

Small Vacuum Table/Bench Top Autoclaves Steam Sterilizers (dental sterilizer autoclave) Classification: All Types: CLASS B , CLASS N, CLASS S
Class B: The sterilization of all wrapped or non-wrapped, solid, hollow load products.
Class N: The sterilization of non-wrapped, solid products.
Class S: The sterilization of products as specified by the manufacturer of the sterilizer including non-wrapped, solid products and at least one of the following: porous products, small porous items, hollow load products type A and B, single wrapped products, multiple layer wrapped products.

We provide high quality steam autoclave sterilizer to our customers. All our products are certified by CE, EC , FDC , ISO, RoHS etc . And we can offer electronic certificates.And product must be examined by three main processes in our company before shipping & handling .There are also 12 months warranty for all dental autoclave sterilizer on .If there will be problems with the products you order on our website, thank you to contact our customer service, we will do our best to satisfy you .Also We provides you fast free shipping to most countries in the world by DHL, FEDEX.We assure you timely dispacth to match your programe!

Note:Table Top Autoclave Sterilizer for Dental, Hospital, Medical and Laboratory Sterilization

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