Top Dental Autoclave Equipment : Tuttnauer

Tuttnauer is one of the most popular autoclave manufacturers across several different industries. For 90 years, the brand has maintained its position as a top supplier of infection control equipment and in particular, its popular autoclaves. Since its start in 1925, Tuttnauer has remained a family-owned business and is now headed by Ran Tuttnauer as […]

FAQ of Dental Duraline Systems’ Trade-In Program

At Duraline, we are often asked about our Cash4Clunkers trade-in program because it is so unique in the autoclave sterilizer industry. Cash4Clunkers means exactly that— Duraline will give cash for a used sterilizer towards the purchase of a new autoclave for sale or refurbished sterilizer. Interested in our trade-in program? Keep reading for more common […]

The Best Choice for Dental Water Distillers

Water distillers remove impurities from tap water by boiling the water and converting the steam back into liquid water. Once the water goes into the water distiller machine’s clean container for removal, the high quality water can be used for appliances, medical equipment or for drinking. Like other decontamination techniques, water distillation is a very […]

How Does Ultrasonic Scaler Work?

The purpose of using dental ultrasonic scaler is to facilitate the removal and elimination of agents which cause inflammation to the teeth, plaque and its products, as well as calculus. The term “calculus” is used to refer to a kind of dental plaque that has hardened over time. This condition is caused by the consistent accumulation […]