Four Steps to avoid endodontic disaster

We have all experienced endodontic volatility during our careers. Endodontic volatility is when a potentially profitable procedure deteriorates into a disaster. Conversely, it is also when a root canal is resurrected from a disaster into a predictable, less stressful, profitable procedure – a winner. Tip # 1: Take a second X-ray at a different angle […]

Types of portable dental equipment in school-based dental sealant programs

All school-based dental sealant programs need the following portable equipment: Dental unit Air compressor Dental chair Dental light Dental hygienist and assistant stools Autoclave Sterilizer Class b Ultrasonic cleaner Following are descriptions of each type of portable dental equipment online and a discussion of factors to consider in choosing each one. Individual program needs and […]

Are there Negative Effects of Fast Curing?

Fast curing has been accused of putting too much stress on the bond of a restoration to the tooth. If you apply too much light to a restorative material, it will presumably shrink more quickly, opening gaps at the tooth-restoration interface, causing white lines and microleakage. High power has also been accused of inducing cracks […]