Why You Need an Efficient Dental Compressor

A dental practice basically contains a small operating theatre. The folding dental chair alone will cost from $30,000 upwards. You then need a setup for the drills and scalers, a compressor to run them, a bright overhead light, a suction unit, radiographic (x-ray) equipment. Other optional fancy machines like lasers, air abrasion units, and CAD/CAM […]

The Effective Use of Dental Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is not just a diagnostic tool, but it also serves as an educational one too. In the past, dentists have struggled to explain dental decay and other health problems to patients. Most people cannot see well into their own mouths, which leaves dentists to drawing diagrams or using props to attempt to […]

What Should You Note of Dental Curing Light

In the contemporary world of dentistry, curing lights have become an integral part of all specialties and dental practices. Today, almost all resin composites, dental adhesives and adhesive cements utilize light energy for complete polymerization, which further determines the long-term clinical success of a procedure. Using a dental curing light accomplishes two things. In the […]

The Most Important Part of Your Dental Treatment

Oral health turns into a lot of associated with attention nowadays with all the resurrection of recent teeth whitening techniques( teeth whitening lamp ) and a new consciousness relating to oral hygiene. Nevertheless, the introduction of technology in dentistry demands the attention associated with committed dentists and also dental care perform professionals dental X Ray. […]

How to Use Ultrasonic Scaler to Do Dental Cleaning

Air polishing has been compared to scaling and rubber-cup polishing for efficiency and effectiveness of stain and plaque removal. The literature overwhelmingly supports the use of the air polisher as an efficient and effective means of removing extrinsic stain and plaque from tooth surfaces. Air polishing requires less time than traditional polishing methods and removes […]