The Reason Why Dentists Buy Dental Chair Online

Dental chair or the dental engine is one of the most important items for setting up the dental health care unit. It is quite expensive and not always available. So for the start up business, it becomes quite difficult to invest that much amount in just one unit because for setting up a proper chamber apart from dental chair you need many other equipments. Dental chair for sale option always works for the business owners as in this option they can buy the unit at much cheaper price. These kinds of offers are available mainly in online dental equipment stores.

It is a kind of engine that comes with the chair itself that acts as a source of mechanical power, which is used by the doctor to treat the teeth of a patient. The option of dental chair for sale is quite lucrative as these units are generally quite costly in normal situation, so it is always better to go for online sale option.

There is a useful portable dental chair on our website: Portable Dental Mobile Chair with LED Lamp Waste Basin + Dental Turbine Unit

1. This product is a new generation of folding chair designed on the basis of original portable chair by changing the original halogen bulb into LED spotlight illumination.
2. By adopting modern human engineering theory, the length and width of the chair are extended by 50mm and 40mm respectively, a basin support and a waste basin are added at the right side, and it is changed from half-folding to full-foldable mechanism (without using screw driver and wrench), the right/left arm rest is modified into stationary type to become more solid and stable, while the total weight is reduced by 2kg.
3. It is suitable for a lot of applications such as dental treatment, transfusion, beauty salon, leisure resting, etc.

Portable Folding Chair Features:
*Height of seat surface above ground: 400~570 (mm)
*Range of back rest angle: 105 ~175 centigrade
*Loading capacity: Compliant with YY/T0058 standard for dental patient (135kg)
*Illumination: LED light, The lamp arm can rotate 360 degrees
*Power Supply: 110VAC~240VAC ,50Hz~60Hz
*Power of LEDs: 8W
*Brightness of LEDs: 10000mcd
*Net Weight: 25KG
*Gross Weight: 31KG
*Dimention: 990 x 510 x 300(mm)

You can also know more information about dental chair on our website directly. It is always advisable to buy the extra accessories when dental chair for sale is given, because at that point of time, you get the actual chair at a discounted price and accessories costs are all you have to bear that becomes quite less.