Smart waysto reduce the radiation danger alert for handheld dental X-ray machines

Dental x-rays are also called radiographs. (Dental radiology is the study of them.) Your dentist may take dental x-rays if you’re a new patient, haven’t been seen in a while, or are in for a follow-up visit after dental lab treatment. Your age, health, and individual needs and risk factors all affect how often dental x-rays are taken. Recent findings show that the imported, inexpensive, handheld dental x-ray machine, known as the dental usings, exposes users and patients to 10 times the normal level of radiation, increasing their risks of cancer and organ damage. The device is manufactured by oyodental. Emergency testing of the product by the Health Protection Agency and scientists at King’s College Hospital in London revealed that it has insufficient lead shielding inside it to protect dentists and patients from excessive radiation.

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Additionally, the machine’s x-ray beam is too wide, which exposes the patient’s entire skull and brain to radiation rather than just the mouth. This portable dental x rays machine is a dental x-ray unit that has revolutionised the way intraoral x-rays are taken. Its shielded, portable design enables operators to stay in the room while taking x-rays, making the entire image acquisition process faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable to both dental professionals and patients. Experience the ease of staying with your patient during the x-Ray process, letting you take x-Rays quickly and with more efficiency. The world’s first introduction to radiology, which involves the process known as x-rays, came in 1895 from German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen.

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From that critical point, our oyodental team has the leading research experts that is inspecting each internal part of the portable x ray and make sure that the amount of lead wrapping is following the international standard to prevent any amount of radiation leakage. Dental x-rays are safe. Any kind of x-ray requires radiation, but with dental x-rays, the amount of radiation is very small. And today’s modern digital x-rays require much less radiation for exposure than traditional film x-rays do. According to the last test that has been done by the Chinese Minstery of health, the radiation of our portable x ray is 0.0025 GMY/H which is considered to be 10 times less than the convention x ray machine. For the portable x ray is covered with one year full warranty that includes the main body, the built in battery as well as the included adaptors.