The Misperceptions about Dental Air Compressors Myths

Simply put, the modern world would be archaic without the phenomenal power and technological capabilities compressed air. However, despite the tremendous advantages and vast potential of this technology, many myths surrounding dental air compressors persist. Some of these myths are based on misunderstandings about what can and cannot be accomplished with pneumatic tools. Others are […]

The Way to Reduce the Noise of Air Compressor

With the noise of an air compressor significantly reduced or nearly eliminated during each operation, a lot more work can generally be accomplished, especially if other people are involved in a given project. In a workshop setting, for instance, the reduced noise levels allow you to hear your work colleagues as each application is applied […]

The Benefits of Dental Compressor

70 percent of all manufacturers use a compressed air system, for use with machine tools, material handling, as well as spray painting and separation equipment. A dental air compressor can function at high temperatures and in locations where explosions and fire hazards restrict other forms of energy. Air can be generated on site, so there’s […]

The Selection of Dental Air Compressors

About 74% of adults believe that an unattractive smile can hurt their career success, and 100% of dentists should know that they cannot restore a smile without the right kind of dentist equipment. One of the most basic and essential tools for dentists is a dental air compressor. When investing in dental air compressors, you […]

How to Use Dental Air Compressor Correctly

Dental tools are expensive and tend to be delicate. That can make proper controls and care of supplies very important, given that the average dentist spends $50,000 on clinical supplies each year. If equipment is damaged and needs to be replaced more often, you’re working against your revenues and impacting your ability to grow. When […]

The Concerns of Dental Air Compressor

The dental compressor is most likely not your main concern when going to the dentist for your yearly check. But studies have shown that the air that your dentist uses to blow dry your teeth isn’t always very healthy for you. Nowadays, a whole range of oil-free compressors is available on the market. Oil-free compressors […]

Different Types of Compressor Filter

Dental compressors are devices that draw atmospheric air into a compression head where it is pressurized and stored in a tank or reservoir for later use. Common uses of the compressed air include driving pneumatic tools, spray painting, or sand blasting. Unfortunately, compressors draw all contaminants present in the air into the system as well. […]