The Information about Dental Engine

The very first engine to power a dentist’s drill was a pedal-operated spinning wheel introduced at the end of the 18th century, reportedly by American President George Washington’s dentist, John Greenwood. This was the extent of the dental engine’s technology until the dawn of electricity another century later. By that time, a reclining portable dental […]

The Concerns of Dental Air Compressor

The dental compressor is most likely not your main concern when going to the dentist for your yearly check. But studies have shown that the air that your dentist uses to blow dry your teeth isn’t always very healthy for you. Nowadays, a whole range of oil-free compressors is available on the market. Oil-free compressors […]

Different Types of Compressor Filter

Dental compressors are devices that draw atmospheric air into a compression head where it is pressurized and stored in a tank or reservoir for later use. Common uses of the compressed air include driving pneumatic tools, spray painting, or sand blasting. Unfortunately, compressors draw all contaminants present in the air into the system as well. […]